4 Tips to Help Improve your Bedroom Interior Design Plans

November 15, 2022

While it must be said that all parts of the home are important to your daily life, the bedroom in itself can be seen as an integral portion of your home in many unique ways. As the place whereby you both start and end your day, how your bedroom looks can influence your life and shape your mood and emotions. Therefore, planning and executing a well-designed bedroom is of the utmost importance. We recommend hiring Space Factor to help you in ensuring that your bedroom is fully up to scratch. But before that, here are 4 tips to help you improve your bedroom’s interior design.

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Space and Symmetry

We understand the temptation to get the biggest possible bed you can find, set it down in the middle of the room and call it a day. After all, what’s better than being able to come home from work and lie on a bed with ample space? However, we urge you to think twice before designing your bedroom to the dimensions of your bed. Floor space is every bit as important as the size of your bed and can make your early mornings and middle-of-the-night snack runs more feasible. In addition to this, you’d want to make space for compartments, nightstands and wardrobes to be able to fit everything you would need in your day-to-day routine. Imagine having to get out of bed constantly to grab yourself a tissue on a nightly basis. While having additional storage space is important, you should ensure that the floor layout is not cluttered with items. We recommend purchasing a variety of cupboards and dressers to ensure that all your essentials are packed away neatly.

Other than space, symmetry is another point to consider when designing your bedroom. While this is not a must-have, having a symmetrical bedroom is said to promote comfort and peace within certain individuals. It can also be very nice to look at. When we say symmetry, what we mean is possibly having a nightstand on either side of your bed instead of just on your left or on your right. Visually balancing your bedroom can be a key element of your interior design plans for your home.

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Colour Schemes and Gradients

It seems obvious, but it has to be said. Planning and ensuring that your bedroom’s colour and texture scheme is on point is a wildly important part of renovating your home. Even if it’s an unconscious effect, the colours of your bedroom can affect your emotions in a variety of ways. For example, colours like blue and purple can invoke emotions such as comfort and relaxation, whereas orange and red are well-suited to people who enjoy waking up early and participating in a number of activities throughout their day. There’s even a case for neutral colours like black, grey and white to ground the interior colour scheme of the room and provide an accent wall for the stronger colours you decide to choose. We strongly recommend picking a colour that you feel closely affiliated with as that colour will be the first and last thing you see in a day.

Ensuring that your floor is painted to the shade of your choice is another thing to take note of. Whether you choose to use marble, or hardwood, the colour of your floor can either perfectly complement the shades of your room, or completely kill the vibe.

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Whether you’re reading a book, or even working overtime from home late at night, having sufficient and effective lighting is a must. While it can be simple to just stick a fluorescent overhead lamp above you and call it a day, expanding your lighting options and exploring different forms of light can really help tie your bedroom together. Purchasing a table lamp to use late at night while you’re relaxing or watching a movie, for example, provides you with warmer light so that falling asleep after the movie ends would be much easier as compared to needing to turn off the main light. Installing alternative forms of light also means that you wouldn’t have to get out of bed to switch off the main light before bed.

There are also different forms of light bulbs as well as tones of light to be used in a bedroom. For example, using a halogen or a compact fluorescent lamp as the main light in a bedroom may not be the best option, due in part to both bulbs being extremely strong and used to illuminate larger areas. We recommend using either a soft white bulb or a daylight bulb in your bedroom, with a warm-toned and dimmable LED or incandescent bulb in your table lamp.

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Hire a Professional

We can keep going on and on about different tips and checklists for the perfect bedroom, but in truth, hiring a competent interior design company is your best shot at perfecting your dream bedroom. From understanding your floor space to suggesting colour schemes and tones, to ensuring that every light source in your bedroom is to your liking, having an interior designer with experience can make your renovation process much easier.

This is where we come in. Here at Space Factor, we have the experience, professionalism and patience to help you in procuring the bedroom of your dreams. Every single picture above reflects a bedroom that we have designed, and we can do the same for you. We take pride in our work, and we guarantee that by the end of the job, you’ll be more than satisfied with the final product. Contact us now, and let us know exactly how we can help you.

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