Furniture Selection
Furnishings & Interior Decor Advisory: Want to achieve a fresh, new “update” to your interior design for your home or office without doing any major renovation? Would you need some help in selecting furnishings & interior decor advisory service to refresh your space? Without having to undergo a major investment, space furnishings & interior decor advisory service provided to you by a seasoned interior designer would be helpful to solve your interior design update dilemmas.

With SF, our interior designers will provide you advice on what you can do to update your space’s interiors that will match your design aspirations and budget. They will also be ready to bring you to showrooms of stringently selected furnishings and interior decor partners to view pieces that are suitable for your new interior design concept.

This interior design furnishings & interior decor advisory service is provided at no cost to customers that commissioned SF to design and renovate their space.

The furnishings & interior decor advisory service as standalone is limited to a few prospects per month, and on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to inquire about our furnishings & interior decor advisory service, please click here to email us or WhatsApp to +65 9853 3659.
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