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Home Automation Singapore
Home Automation Singapore: A smart home is installed with internet-connected smart devices (IOT) to automate and remotely control household systems such as air-conditioning, lighting, door locks, curtains, IP cameras, and many many more. The benefits of a smart home far surpass simply having a cool home that people envy and would include benefits of convenience, energy-savings, increasing security and etc.

But with so many brands and types of smart home devices, how are you to choose what is necessary and at the same time keep to a budget? Among the many reasons, homeowners hesitate to implement home automation devices as they worry about whether the devices are user-friendly and are of reliable quality. Worry not, as this is where Space Factor’s home automation system designers can help. Space Factor’s home automation product and service division is created with the end-user in mind and have the following benefits.

  • Verstility: A flexible core system that suits any preferred control interface. (E.g.: iOS, Amazon Echo, Google Home and etc)
  • Product Choice: Wide-range of products that fit any budget.
  • Scalability: Able to add more devices in the future.
  • Transparency: Itemised pricing without hidden charges.
  • Pre-renovation Consultation: Ensuring home is renovated to be compatible with most devices.

  • Whatever you may have in mind, we are confident that we can make it happen. If you wish to inquire about our home automation service, please click here to email us or WhatsApp to +65 9853 3659.
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