Collector's Edition


Tampines, Singapore 
12 weeks 


After living in Shanghai for seven years, this cosmopolitan couple faced the daunting task of re-homing their belongings into a much smaller mansionette in Singapore.

They owned an eclectic collection of art and furniture, which they wanted to tastefully blend into a contemporary setting.

As one of our most unusual projects, we spent extra effort coordinating the design, material selection and construction with the client while they were still overseas.


The apartment was given a major overhaul, creatively mixing up old and new.

By thoroughly planning out the various spaces, we designed their new home to offer generous room for living, entertaining and relaxing.

The master bedroom features a highly-organised and sophisticated walk-in wardrobe for the lady owner. On the upper floor, we saw an opportunity to merge two bathrooms, creating a roomy space that allows each owner their own personal basin and bath.

We also proposed an open, cafe?-like kitchen on the lower floor, contrasting geometric floor tiles with rustic wooden furnishings.

The final effect is a charming, character filled home where art mingles with life – a true accomplishment as almost all the design and construction decisions were made over texting.