二月 1, 2020


Not everyone can afford a full-blown and luxurious home renovation, and revamping your home interior definitely shouldn’t be considered as a rich man’s privilege. Contrary to popular belief, there’s always a way to make your home look like new without splashing out a huge amount of money.

There are tons of creative tricks and styling décor hacks that require little or no money at all. All you have to do is be willing to experiment. To help you with your project, we have compiled a list of 10 budget-friendly styling décor tips.

Step #1: New Paint Makes Miracles

To begin with, the foundation of every home interior are the walls and flooring. Repainting a room is the easiest way to change its look and perhaps, a good starting point for your budget-friendly project.

However, you have to carefully choose what color palette you’ll want to go with. Essentially, there are two color categories – bold or soft. Your pick should be based on your personal preferences as well as the interior design style you’re going after.

You may also want to implement some of the recent trends. For instance, one of this year’s trends is dark-painted doors, so it’s a good idea to do quick research for inspirations.

Besides, painting your interior doors in dark and bold colors will make them look expensive without spending that much. Just make sure your door color matches your interior.

Step #2: Details Matter

Good interior design is about details. Actually, they can be the key to a budget-friendly styling décor. A cheap way to make any room look elegant and expensive is to install crown molding.

It’s not only a great way to add a finishing touch after a repaint, but it connects the walls to the ceiling which ultimately, creates an almost royal atmosphere.

Another cheap yet effective idea is to install a new faucet. Replacing home utilities is always a good way to freshen up your interior. This is a good reason to get a new, perhaps, more stylish-looking bathroom sink faucet. Just make sure it matches your bathroom’s interior style.

Step #3: Update Your Cabinet Hardware

If you’re looking for an instant makeover, a new kitchen cabinet can completely change your kitchen’s look. Of course, there’s an endless variety of options. Just make sure you get the right measurements so that the new hardware fits in.

As for the dining room, you can buy a “raw” corner cabinet. That’ll not only save you money, but it will also allow you to paint the cabinet the same color as the room’s walls. In this way, the freshly-painted cabinet will give an impression of something that’s been part of the original interior of the home.

Many homeowners are tempted to buy basic drawer pulls and knobs from their local home improvement store. Since you’re on a budget and these hardware pieces are pretty inexpensive, you might think they’re the perfect addition for your interior. However, you can get much more value for a few more bucks.

There’s plenty of expensive-looking drawers in the antique and flea markets all at affordable prices. Besides, you can always take your shot at a local appliance and furniture thrift shop where you can get luxurious pieces of furniture at bargain prices.

Step #4: Create a Personal Spot

Creating a personal spot is an easy and creative way to decorate your living room or bedroom. Any bare tabletop is good to go as your only resources will be your own photos, snapshots, postcards. Also, you can decorate your personal collection with some beautiful pieces of glass or printed fabric underneath.

Step #5: Repurpose a Ladder

Almost every homeowner has a small wooden ladder at home that they’ve completely forgotten about. Guess what – it can be put to good use once again and with minimal effort. With a little sanding and a new coating, any old ladder can be repurposed to make an original interior décor. You can use it to store nearly everything that comes to your mind – from pots of decorative flowers to blankets and jackets.

Step #6: Put Unused Glassware into Action

We’ve all grown tired of constantly receiving glassware as presents. Most of the time, we have glassware sets that are already in use and we just pile up the newly-gifted ones somewhere in the closet. However, some of these sets might be put into good use. You can get really creative and mix old with new-looking glassware to make your empty shelves look full and your kitchen or dining room rich.

Step #7: Make Your Interior Roll

Sometimes, small spaces opt for creative interior design hacks. If you’re on a budget, you might be reluctant to buy a few nesting or foldable tables. There’s a good alternative and it may turn out to be quite effective.

Attaching a set of casters to a farm table is a genius way to create an almost free yet extra-large kitchen island that can be moved wherever you want. If you don’t have a farm table at hand, you can always use a crate to make storage that can roll easily underneath a counter. 

Step #8: Layer Lighting

A common mistake among homeowners is underestimating the power of lighting. If you’re still using one lighting source at a time, then it’s time doing it right. Besides the natural light, you also have to make sure you have a good number of lighting sources.

This will allow you to layer different lighting sources like table and floor lamps, thus making your living space look bigger. Moreover, getting a few designer light fixtures will surely make your décor look expensive and stylish. Ultimately, you can check out the flea markets and the local second-hand stores for some unique finds.

Step #9: Add Some Soft Touches

If your interior looks already rough and too “raw”, you’ll definitely make it look brighter with a few soft pillows around the place. However, you should choose them wisely for the best effect. You’ll be amazed by how much of a difference they make. To keep things expensive-looking, you should purchase large, overstuffed pillows.

The plush and soft additions will contribute to the luxurious look without having to spend a fortune on them. Avoid on the smaller and down-filled pillows as you may risk making the wrong impression.

Step #10: Window and Mirrors are Important Too

Last but not least, don’t forget to take proper care of your windows. Adding simple window treatments to your windows will make your interior decor look finished and complete. Because they are one of the most budget-friendly ways to give your home a new and stylish look, it would be a good idea to choose the best option possible.

Eventually, you’ll want to stick to natural silk, linen or cotton. They provide privacy and they look elegant and expensive. If you’re not into draperies, you can go for woven bamboo shades or wood blinds. The goal here is to make sure your home looks well-designed.

As for the mirrors, first, you should make sure you have at least a couple of them. They are an essential part of every home, especially if it’s a small one. Mirrors have been used as a way to create the illusion of space for a long time. And why not use them now?

If possible, position your mirrors adjacent to some of your windows. The reflecting light will create the illusion that your rooms are bigger than they really are. Finally, antique and rustic mirrors are always a good addition to any interior décor.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on the idea of renovating your home. Of course, you won’t be able to get that expensive and luxurious chandelier you liked in your local home improvement store. Luckily, there are tons of interior designing hacks and some of them are just as good as a newly-purchased piece of furniture.

As these are just some of the ideas for a budget-friendly styling décor, you can get additional help from professional interior design companies like Space Factor. We provide your home with an adequate and stylish new look, within your budget.

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