This Year’s Top Renovation Styles and Trends

一月 1, 2020




If you’re looking for a fresh new start of the year, it may be a good idea to start from your home. As interior design has become a very convenient service with high availability of various companies and experts, experimenting with your home décor and interior is a safe and satisfactory quest.

Of course, choosing a new style for your home interior is not as easy as it may seem. Just because trends come and go, many homeowners shy away from doing any renovation in their homes.

Nevertheless, there are still some timeless interior design projects that deserve to be in this year’s top renovation styles and trends. Here’s some unconventional and unique inspiration for your upcoming home transformation.

Minimalist Style

From the neutral color palettes to the warm textures and textiles, this style is increasingly popular in recent times. The main reason is the neat and sly atmosphere that it creates.

The minimalist interior design focuses on keeping a clear interior without unnecessary objects that may make things look messy. The furniture choice emphasizes on quality rather than quantity.

Also, there’s a strong need for storage and organizational furniture to help reduce the clutter – drawers, foldable beds or storage beds, etc.

Whimsical Style

Some homeowners adore a home that reminds them of their childhood. Some just prefer the bright color palettes. No matter what, the whimsical style is a growing trend even though it still requires some dare to go for a good old vintage-looking interior.

If you’re looking for a truly original and extraordinary renovation style, you can start by creating a focal point in each of your rooms with one stand-out piece of furniture. Mixing and matching different pieces of décor and furnishing is the key to creating a harmony of tonal colors, textures, and patterns. If you’re not afraid to look different, then this style is completely suitable for you.

Art Deco Style

If you still think that the whimsical interior style is not vintage enough, then you might want to go for the art deco. Popular in the 1920s and 1930s in the USA and Europe, this style is somehow contrasting the minimalist, nature-inspired Art Noveau. This style focuses on making a big statement.

This style incorporates bold geometric patterns with a clear preference for symmetry in its design. Gold and silver accents are typical and it’s safe to say that it’s a style of royal tones and contrasts.

Mid-Century Modern Style

There is a reason why this style has preserved its popularity throughout the years. With its clean lines and gentle organic curves, the no-frills Mid-Century Modern style opts for functionality with minimal ornamentation.

If you’re into the uncluttered design but you’re not keen on minimalist interior style, then the Mid-Century Modern is ideal for your renovation project. Its simplicity reinvents various elements from the traditional as well as the non-traditional materials.

With this style, it’s completely normal to combine completely contrasting materials such as suede, leather, wood, and steel. For this reason, many homeowners tend to choose this look just because it makes their homes look like they’re straight out of an interior design magazine.

Scandinavian Style

Similar to the minimalist style, the Scandinavian designs are pretty self-explanatory. And that’s why they’re so popular: cold to soft minimalist color palettes with cozy accents, striking modern furniture, and high-contrasting looks that often play with natural light are the staple of this type of style.

The hallmark of the Scandinavian interior look consists of wooden floors, serene white walls with plenty of greenery in each room. It somehow reminds you of a cool breeze on a summer day.

In terms of prices, this style may be one of the best low-cost renovation styles. The main reason is the minimal renovation work required as there is no need for expensive carpentry or decoration items.

What are some of this year’s trends?

Old vs New

2020 is in and many homeowners are still looking for budget-friendly and out-of-the-box ways to decorate their home interior. Layering the old and new by bringing in one-stop-shop design resources will take your interior design to a whole new level. Mixing and matching old and new furnishing, accessories, and décor is bound to create a unique and fresh atmosphere. You can also buy some locally-made souvenirs from your trips to create a themed space.

Graphic Tiling

Another trend this year is graphic tilework. However, many interior designers tend to steer clear from it. The reason for this is that the strong prints, patterns, and colors will become outdated very fast. On the other hand, replacing them can be quite costly. Instead, you can incorporate these ideas into small accessories such as pillows, throws, rugs, etc.

Single Print Walls

Speaking of graphics, there’s something about drama and style and it’s absolutely a thing in 2020. Decorating your walls with some single print themes is a simple and effective way to add uniqueness without doing too much. There are many options for this part of your year-round decoration but you’ll be astonished by some glamorous and timelessly chic designs inspired by Asian history and culture.

Open Shelving

Looking for an inexpensive way to add extra storage space for your living room or bedroom? Open shelving is one of this year’s trends that can greatly contribute to your minimalist or mid-century modern interior. It will improve any home interior that’s oriented towards the true organization and neat and clean looks. Of course, it’s a good idea to be mindful when buying these types of items because you may end up having to dust them regularly without really using them too much.

Dark-Painted Doors

Combined with earth tones, doors painted in dark and rich colors increase the warmth and character of the room considerably. Therefore, one of this year’s interior design trends is dark-painted doors. If you want to make a statement right from the entryway, you should bet on this trend. Paired with some matching cabinets and appliances, you’ll give a bold example of character.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Last but not least, the oversimplifying trend has evolved into creating informal workspaces that incorporate parts typical for other rooms. This not only saves valuable space but allows clients to take their workspace home without sacrificing basic conveniences. It’s now completely fine to combine your closet with your office and you can make them both disappear when not in use. Flexible and multi-functional spaces with a dab of fancy décor can help you blend more than one function seamlessly to create a productive and minimalist look.

Final Thoughts

Finally, these are some of the trending styles and inspirations that will dominate the interior design field throughout the year. Whether you are conservative or willing to dive into the vast ocean of unique, intricate and even extravagant design options, there are styles for days. Moreover, there is something for each potential client and picking the style that truly reflects your personality is easy as pie.

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