Landed Interior Design

Renovating a landed property requires a different skillset as compared to renovating a condominium or an HDB unit in Singapore. Landed properties include bungalows, semi-detached houses, cluster homes and terraces, and is the perfect choice for homeowners who like to live in a spacious environment.

A landed property has a much bigger area compared to other types of residential units. These landed units allows for more creative features (due to its bigger area) such an additional garden or even a garage. Hence, such projects requires a higher level of expertise when it comes to the interior designing.

Interior designers at Space Factor have dozens of landed interior design portfolio under their belts. We are skilled to understand your taste and preferences, before delicately balancing between functionality and aesthetics for your renovation project.

Our Landed Renovation Projects

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Landed Interior Designer In Singapore

Unlike HDB and condos, landed property owners do not face the problem of space constraint. This means that there will be room for more features. However, a greater living space will also mean more attention and work when it comes to interior designing. Whether you are planning to lease out your property or occupy it yourself, your space should be optimised to create a more comfortable living interior. Coming up with a landed interior design can be a challenging task. To save you all the trouble and worries, what you need is the services of professional interior designers. At Space Factor, we offer landed house interior designing services. Our team of interior designers have the experience and expertise to help you to fulfil your dream home!

Here at Space Factor, we believe in coming up with designs that suit the needs and preferences of each and every home owner. As such, every of our design will be unique to your home. We will take time to understand your needs, dislikes and preferred styles. Whether you are going for a minimalistic style or want a specific colour scheme, we will cater to your request. Our goal is to design a home that screams you, one that portrays your character and personality. 

Why Hire a Landed Interior Designer?

It can Raise the Value of your Property

When you hire a landed interior designer, your home will be transformed into a contemporary home and every corner of your home can be designed to follow the same theme. This way, your home will become a coherent piece of art. Although different rooms serve different purposes, we will be able to stick to the theme while bringing out the different functions of these rooms. During the whole process, you can also choose to change existing features of your home and replace them with more contemporary features to enhance the comfort of your home. For instance, you can choose to upgrade to automation system for your appliance and also opt for smart lighting. 

In addition, one perk about living in landed property is that you have open spaces to do landscaping or add new structures for aesthetic purposes. Beautifully structured landscaping in your backyard and the front of your house can help to raise the property value of your home. It can also serve as an added privacy feature, protecting your home from the prying eyes of outsiders.

You can Save your Time

When you choose to hire an interior designer, you can save a lot of time especially since there are lots to do for a landed property with ample land space. Our interior designers at Space Factor will oversee your home makeover from the start to the end. You can be rest assured when you leave your home to us.   

We have the Expertise

Designing for different spaces isn’t as easy as ABC. When designing different spaces, you will need to consider the different needs and functions of each space beforehand. Each room serves a different purpose and will need to take those into consideration. For example, a master bedroom should be an intimate place for you to relax after a long day whereas the dining room should be inviting as a space where the family gathers. When you hire an interior designer, we can help you to find a balance between functionality and style. Furthermore, to design such a big space to suit a particular style or theme can be a daunting task. We are here to help you with our expertise in this area.   

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