Condo Interior Design In Singapore

Renovating your new condominium (condo) unit can be very different from renovating an HDB unit. In Singapore, condominiums can have different guidelines on renovation depending on the developer, and this can be a problem if you are not familiar with renovating a new condo unit.

Space Factor is an interior design firm in Singapore that specializes in condo interior design, with portfolio ranging from minimalist to modern designs. With most condominiums in Singapore being smaller in size in general compared to a similar HDB unit, we are able to execute creative space-saving solutions as well to fit your criteria.

Interior designers at Space Factor will first understand your taste and preferences, then delicately balance between functionality and aesthetics to deliver your dream home.

Useful Tips

Before engaging in a condo renovation work, you may want to look out for the following:

  1. Understanding your condominium renovation guidelines: Each condo have their own set of guidelines to adhere to so as to maintain the aesthetics or safety of the development. If you engage our condo interior designers, we will first understand the rules before working with you on the design for your home.
  2. Works to be implemented: Do make sure to ask your designers before embarking on the condo interior design project. The usual works are ceiling, carpentry and miscellaneous works. The designer should also advice the lighting, textures, colors and furniture to be added into your home.
  3. Resales vs new condos: Resale condos are usually more costly to renovate, simply because there may be additional works (like demolition, concealing cables, tearing down additions etc) that needs to be done. For new condos, these additional works can be avoided, saving time and money.

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