1300 sqm

Confident Luxury @ Sophia

Project Details
Sophia Residence
Site Area:
1300 sqm
10 weeks
What We Did
Getting that posh, upmarket look and feel does not have to be a bombastic affair. Sophistication and maturity along with good common sense make this 1300 sqm home, located at Sophia Residence, an exemplar of that.

The occupants (a family with a grown-up) used the space as a holiday home and aimed for a more contemporary setup. The talented designers from Space Factor got to work, but wanted to convince the clients to take bold steps.

One of the main things that had to be done was to put things in their correct place. It appeared that a lack of balance was a fundamental issue. The other was communication. As the client was usually not in Singapore, more effort had to be taken to try to facilitate good communication.

With placement and balance being made key considerations. The work done would entail exploring new space planning ideas. For a 3-room ground floor condo, space and breathing room should be taken into account.

The owners wanted to have a bigger living hall space. A household shelter which may have seemed somewhat conspicuous was to be hidden. Pushing the living hall into the balcony, the area was to be enclosed and was to also be made bigger.

The result? A posh, relaxed and understated look that’s confidently luxurious.

A neutral woody brown and grey colour scheme takes center stage, compartments skillfully hide clutter, and well-placed mirrors open the space up.
Variations of dark, light and pale hues bring about a unified sense of direction. Natural light flows in through various parts of the home, and a clean, earthy edge permeates throughout many parts of the home.

Surfaces, texture and material provide interesting breaks and delineate different parts/sections of the home.

Confidence can come from a strong sense of identity, and, you might find that it is in this way that the home really shines and makes its mark. Pay attention to the details!

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