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Paradise in the City

The Living Room is the first place that greets you home after a long and tiring day at work. And, what better way to welcome you than a slice of paradise emanating from the green hues of artificial plants and a scenic view of wallpapers hanging perfectly on its right place—so as to not take away the attention coming from the wall of decorative plants.

According to a study from Pacific University, plants help reduce the level of anxiety and pain from the people, and above that, it adds aesthetic value and a calm vibe that can help lower the stress level.
The Homeowner is quite adamant on using real plants for the feature wall on his house, but Dolly and Sharmaine from Space Factor thought otherwise. As Interior Designers themselves, they feel that aesthetics and practicality are the two factors to consider when choosing the perfect accent wall. Having real plants will definitely be tedious as it requires taking care of, especially if you have your hands full. Hence, they proposed using a replica of plants instead of the real ones since it is still visually appealing, and most of the artificial plant products now are very lifelike.

Dolly and Sharmaine accentuated the owner’s request of having a nature-themed home with wood coloured cabinets and warm lights to give a feeling of a cosy atmosphere. They even up their game and add a sense of utopia coming from the beautiful wallpaper of Mountain View at the back of the couch.

Reflecting the vibe of calming and relaxing view of paradise is the display of small flora and even hanging plants that submerge in every corner of the room.
Given the timeframe and some troubled rocks along the road, Dolly and Sharmaine were able to pull it off much to the homeowner’s expectation. It wouldn’t have even been possible if not for the good relationship they have built up together with the client.

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