HDB Interior Design

HDB homes are the most popular homes in Singapore, accounting for more than 75% of the sold flats in 2018. When it comes to designing your HDB unit, there is a wide array of choices for you to choose from.

First, it is the style. The most popular interior design styles include modern, contemporary, minimalist, and Scandinavian. Each of these styles gives off a different feeling and there will usually be a style that fits every homeowner.

Second, you can exercise creativity for your HDB interior design project with your designer. This includes space planning, carpentry works, lighting, additions, and many more. Finding a good interior designer can make a huge difference. 

Space Factor has completed hundreds of HDB renovation projects, with a portfolio ranging from minimalist to modern designs. We understand the importance of your unique tastes and preferences, thus every single project of ours is custom-designed for every client. We delicately balance between functionality and aesthetics to deliver your dream home.

HDB Interior Designer In Singapore

Interior design planning can be daunting, especially for the new HDB flats that are generally smaller. Experience and expertise are needed to master the art of marrying aesthetics and functionality effectively. Here at Space Factor, our team of interior designers has what it takes to help you achieve both aesthetics and functionality; we are a dedicated team of interior designers with a goal of incorporating timeless designs that meet your needs without compromising on aesthetics. Whether you are staying in a 3-room flat or a 5-room flat, regardless of your unit size, we’ll be able to come up with something unique for you. 

The job of an interior designer is to transform interior spaces into functional, safe, and comfortable spaces for your use. Interior designers help you to do your space planning, and select suitable flooring and walls for your room. They also pick out essential and decorative items such as lighting and furniture to help spice up your room! Some interior designers prefer to have full control over the designing process while others prefer consulting their clients; here at Space Factor, we value your opinion as we believe that the house belongs to you and should be designed according to your preferences.  

Our HDB Interior Design Process

The first step is to meet your interior designer. During this first meeting, let your interior designer know about the space that he will be working with. It is best that you bring your floor plan along. Share your preferences and needs with your interior designer. If you have any ideas for the design of your house, feel free to bring it up for discussion. Your interior designer will also share with you more about the possible designs and materials you can opt for. It is also important to let your interior designer know about your budget for the work. In this way, your interior designer can come up with something for you that meets both your aesthetic and financial needs. 
The second step is probably your second meeting with your interior designer. During this meeting, your interior designer will have a proposed layout for you, along with the proposed quotations for each item. Your task is to look into each detail to make sure that nothing is missed. During this meeting, you can choose to remove any items that you think are unnecessary for your project. If all goes well, the ideal outcome for this meeting would be the confirmation of a design and the signing of the renovation contract.
The third step is the selection of materials. Your interior designer will share with you more in-depth on the different materials available for selection such as the different tiling options. Do remember to share your budget with your interior designers. There are always cheaper alternatives available that can produce similar results. At this point in time, you will also prepare for the application of permits for renovation works. Renovation work is no easy feat; there are many guidelines to adhere to and approval has to be obtained before any work can take place. But, fret not! We are here to help you.  

Lastly, it is all about tying up loose ends. Finalize the 3D rendering of the finished apartment and decide on the renovation dates. For new BTO homeowners, you will have to do a site inspection when you get your keys to your new flat. This is to check for any defects as HDB will not compensate if you were to find any issues during or after your personal renovation. After all of these, it is time to sit back and relax. Watch your dream house come to life!


The Housing Development Board of Singapore (HDB) has a stringent process in place to ensure the renovation works proceed smoothly. This includes applying for a permit and getting approval from HDB before you can start on some of the renovation processes. You can read more about the guidelines here.


Before you embark on your HDB renovation, be sure to know what kind of style suits you. It can be helpful to look at galleries from Qanvast or Houzz, and read up on the different types of style before sharing it with your interior designers.


Talk to us about your HDB interior design project today.

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