Rustic Cotton Candy @ Waterfront Wave

Project Details
Bedok Reservoir, Singapore
12 Weeks
Client & Brief
Interior design often aims to turn a house into a home and a space into a depiction of an owner’s personality. Similarly, a room can become an expressive part of an ensemble. This gorgeous abode located in Waterfront Wave, Singapore, is where you can find these ideas executed superbly, with visual intricacy and attention to detail.
The owners of this place (a couple with one young child) wanted a country look and feel for their living quarters that was modern at the same time, coupled with a tinge of that Scandinavian edge that brings sophistication and subtle elegance into the mix. With the completion of the couple’s first house in mind, designer, Dolly Teo, aimed to repeat the same aesthetic flavor albeit with a little more emphasis on Scandinavian elements.

What We Did
In this 1200 sqft project, white-toned variations can be found scattered throughout a clean and undisturbed layout. Storage is tactfully deployed around the living area, in the form of cabinetry that blends into the backdrop.
Glass casings are incorporated on either side of the television console. Decor accessories, books, and picture frames are enclosed behind thin white stripes that cross to make an X.

Surfaces are also placed strategically, accommodating that contemporary vibe with spaciousness as a recurring element. A good portion of the existing furniture initially found in the home remains. Floral patterned sofa seats are drenched in neutral (almost-faded) textures.
The design of the home seems to have been built to accommodate pre-existing pieces impressively well, adding to the cosy approach that the owners were going for. A few of the fixtures have been reconditioned in order to more seamlessly blend in with the white makeover.
Functionality takes centre stage in the kitchen area. There’s a transition into a vibrant space, elegant wall textures and soothing blue cabinetry.

Mirrors play a part in accentuating elegance as well as sophistication and placing an emphasis on spaciousness.

The built-in wardrobe that’s large enough to accommodate plenty of clothing and accessories is perhaps one of the most impressive sections of the home. Once again, storage plays an integral role in helping ensure that every part of the home is free of clutter.

Another lesson that should be gleaned from this spectacular home is that there’s no need to overthink these things sometimes (as long as there’s a clear direction in the way interiors are being dealt with). In many instances, the consistency of choices of decoration as well as having a certain amount of commitment to an idea can go a long way towards helping you retain elegance and enhance visual appeal.

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