Practical luxury @ Faber garden

Project Details
Faber Garden
Project Details
Subtle, yet dramatic.

Two contrasting themes—minimal and luxurious. It can be quite tricky as these two different styles have their own unique take when it comes to design placement. Most would probably stare back in confusion. However, we love some good challenges and design. Creating a simple luxurious space requires the right amount of bold patterns and colors, but with this place, our Designers comply with the owner’s choice of color—which is blue. By adding some lighting and marble effect tiles in the toilet, together with a touch of beige and grey, fortunately, it turns out how the owners wanted it to be.

This practical luxury home is fit for everyone with its royal blue hues balanced with neutral tones and a well-lit atmosphere. A serene-colored room, evoking tranquility and peace, is the best ingredient to a homey place.

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