Simple Refinement @ Mei Ling

Project Details
Mei Ling Street
Project Details
During these crazy times, most, if not, all of us have spent so much time in the comfort of our homes. With that reason alone, it has made us reconsider how we live as well as where we live.

Interior Designing is all about improving the aesthetic of your home to reflect who you are and how you want to live while also making it more livable yet still showing everyone your sense of style. This would be achieved by altering the color scheme and accents while maximizing time and expense, consider replacing furnishings, possibly revising some arrangement and adding in some of your favorite arts.

This 3-room flat resale in Mei Ling Street is a perfect blank canvass in creating an endless idea for the homeowner who is looking for something simple yet spacious and practical.

Now it’s time to bring the dream home to life and put some stamp on it once our Designer, Dolly, has produced the ideal blank canvas.

The main colors that are prominent in this home are blue, grey, and white. From the kitchen cabinets to the TV feature wall and some of the furniture textiles. Dolly has added some brown tones for the flooring and the doors to give off that earthy tone for a homey vibe. It contrasts the cool tones coming off from the dominant tones and gives a more distinct focal point. Plus, with a touch of retro style toaster and kettle appliances, you can break off that structured and clean lines of the whole kitchen interior.

As a nod to the homeowner’s ideas, a sleek and perfectly combined color, and textures were placed according to its proper placements. A balanced and harmonious contrast in texture is like music to interior design. Our Designers hardly limit themselves in the pursuit of balance & style for your space. Whether you lean towards Asian Contemporary or Modern Minimalist design, our design themes are flexible enough for every homeowner’s personality.

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