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Project Details
Tanglin Halt
Site Area:
5 weeks
Project Details
A classic British colonial interior for a couple— this 4room resale flat at Tanglin Residence home underwent a complete renovation.

Open-plan living room, huge windows, and wood textures are the design’s foundations in this project, which are complemented by vintage-inspired furnishings and a minimalist aesthetic.

Injections of rich dark green were introduced into the extremely natural color palette of browns drawn from leathers, timber and rattan. The beautiful indoor plants that brightened the rooms provided this lovely green aura. Faux greenery is now so effective that you don’t even need to remember to water the plants. This is yet another element that has experienced a revival and is fundamental to the British Colonial Style. In the right setting, it’s the ideal aesthetic. The soft tonal distinction of light rattan and the neutral, warm brown of local teak furniture is a definitive combination which gives the home its unique appeal.

The color scheme was distinguished by the use of soft chalky white paint on plastered walls, dark timber wood, and rich dark brown floor tiles. This strong variation creates a very classical appearance and is thus essential to British Colonial Style.

While the couple lives a curated laid-back lifestyle, they still want to create something out of the ordinary— which can be seen as somewhat opposing and can be quite a big challenge, but our Designer, Jessie, incorporated the owner’s lifestyle and home interior ideas quite perfectly and seamlessly. With her flair and attention to details, she was able to pull off the homeowner’s dream home design.
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