Interior Design Promotions

While Space Factor’s believe in providing a bespoke experience to all home and commercial space owners with highly customized proposal and quotations, who is to stop us from doing our best to show our appreciation to all come to our door?

Hereunder contains all the most recent deals and offers curated for you to simply show our appreciation (in the unlikely event that you choose not to work with us) or to add value to our proposals when you do choose us. So do check this page frequently for the latest update!

$50.00 Smart Device Voucher from

Get $50.00 worth of voucher* for Smart Devices from when you make an appointment with any of our Designers on any day after the Mind Your Home Journey event on the 27th of July 2019 at the National Museum of Singapore! Logo

To receive them, simply do the following!

  • WhatsApp “MYHJ Meet!” to 9853 3659 and we will arrange with you the appointment!
  • Meet the Designer on the appointment date. That it!

Terms & Conditions*

  • The $50.00 Smart Device voucher will only be presented to you only on the appointment day.
  • Each household is limited to ONE $50.00 Smart Device only.
  • Use of the voucher is governed by its own terms and conditions. 
  • Space Factor reserves all rights to change the vouchers to other voucher or products of equivalent value.
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