114 sqm

Only For Us @ Gangsa Rd

Project Details
Gangsa Rd, Singapore
Site Area:
114 sqm
8 weeks
Project Details
An interior style that features white and wood theme can be considered cool and chic. It sounds like a basic design but it screams simplicity and elegance. White color gives a light airy ambiance which helps with the open-plan space concept, on the other hand, wood provides a sophisticated t vibe. When you mix them up, the effect is just simply fascinating. Another thing that is great about the combination of white and wood is how it instantly brightens up your home, helping it make look more spacious than it is. You can go for a lighter shade of wood floor—like what we did in this project to give it a modern approach and a bit of darker furniture that has legs for added fun.

White and wood interiors have a wonderfully airy feel, with just the right amount of warmth and texture coming from the natural wood grain. Having plain white walls helps to make your space more spacious within its constraints, but you can add an accent of subway tiles on one of the walls, perhaps a kitchen wall to add some cheerful scheme into it. White and wood interior design give clarity of space while achieving a bright atmosphere.
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