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Interior Design Company: We create contemporary design spaces that are desirable and affordable to everyone. 

making spaces fit to your lifestyle

Every home renovation begins with an evaluation of a room’s practical limitations and how the elements may be rearranged to better suit the people who live there.

The characteristic of an effective interior design must evoke the desired emotions as well as accommodate the lifestyle of the homeowners.


Space Factor (“SF”) is a boutique interior design company that takes pride in meeting customers’ expectations. 

Whether it is our in-house designers, our dedicated carpentry team, or stringently selected sub-contractors, we are constantly mindful of our commitment to quality workmanship regardless of the project size. Thus ensuring our commitment to providing our customers with a consistent, fuss-free experience.


Function + design
for perfect harmony

A good interior design company need to ensure their interior design work is more than just about aesthetics. While design can evoke emotions suitable to an individual’s taste, it needs to be able to accommodate its occupants’ lifestyle. By putting the needs of the individual first, be it an elderly couple or a young couple wanting to start a family, our designers are better able to incorporate a timeless design that meets their needs without compromising aesthetics.

“Good design goes to heaven. Bad design goes everywhere.”
Mieke Gerritzen


During the first obligation-free consultation, your assigned interior designer will work with you on determining some facts and finding out what needs to be done (preferred design styles, requirements for each room, how you live and work in your home, etc.). Once a quotation is worked out, it is our company’s policy to meet with you again to go through each item in detail as well as answering any questions and revisions you may have. Thus, do pardon us when we won’t provide a quotation without a meeting as we believe it is an important step to deliver the quality befitting our reputation.

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Our Past Works

Browse our past projects and look through each of their project scope. Note the care that goes into every key decision and our attention to detail regardless of the type of work. 

"Commercial – 50 Ubi Ave 1 @ UBI - 7"

Interior Design In Singapore

Engaging an interior designer covers many aspects. We will provide free consultation services to understand your needs and provide you with a quotation. We provide furniture advisory services and also have our own team of in-house carpentry team for your customised carpentry works! This helps us to minimise any potential delays to handover your house back to you on time. 

When Should I Look for an Interior Designer?

You should look for an interior designer when you want to revamp your house but are lazy to do so on your own or if you are a new home owner looking for a unique design for your home. 

For new home owners, we recommend that you start to engage your interior designer as early as 4 months before getting your keys to your new home. This is so that your interior designers will have enough time to discuss the designs with you and help you source for materials. 

How Long does the Whole Process Take?

The design process usually takes about 2-4 weeks while the renovation process will take about 8-10 weeks for BTO flats and 12-14 weeks for resales flat as more work has to be done. However, do bear in mind that there could be slight delay due to unforeseen circumstances. 

What are Some Things to Note before Hiring an Interior Designer? 

It does not take much to find an interior designer that matches your style and needs. Here are some things to take note when you are hiring an interior designer. 
1. Check that the company you are looking at is accredited. There are several different accreditations such as HDB Registered Renovation Contractor (RRC) and CASETRUST-RCMA Joint Accreditation for Renovation Business.
2. Find out how much experience the interior designer has and check out his past projects to see if it suits your style. If possible, also do check for any past client’s review. Client’s reviews are a good testament to an interior designer’s service and skills.
3. Find out what does the interior designer specialise in and their style of work. You will not want someone who cannot understand your style taking charge of your house.
4. Check if the company covers any form of warranty for poor workmanship or unsatisfactory work.
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