42 sqm

Modern Classic

Project Details
Upper Bukit Timah, Singapore
Site Area:
42 sqm
5 weeks
Client & Brief
The sky’s the limit

450sqft of light cream elegance, this modern classic exemplifies purity.

Located at Upper Bukit Timah, Singapore, it features an expressive concept that stems from a strong theme utilizing unadulterated white against a soft brown secondary and a prominent blue tertiary foundation.

It is a treatment that cleverly enhances a compact space and turns it into something larger than life.

A literal sky (complete with white clouds and realistic shading) runs across the ceiling, parallel to the length of the hallway, blurring the lines between interior and exterior.

This remarkable centerpiece highlights the statement made by the overall project. Space utilization and functionality are also integral components to the design execution with the issue of storage in the 2 room unit being solved through the careful implementation of features such as pocket sliding doors, mirrors and extensive compartmentalization throughout the home.

In addition, effective reduction of physical clutter from the main sections of the home has been achieved through the incorporation of various design hacks including drawers that subtly blend in with the white toned walls of the home as well as a sliding cabinet to store books, decorations, trinkets and other items with the added benefit of being able to move out of sight whenever extra space is required.
What We Did
Connecting coziness, classiness and functionality

A lounge area leads in from the front door entrance section with a seamless connection between the open hallway and the rest of the house achieved through color tones and lighting.

Lighting is a consistent element throughout the home while the precise placement of brown wood hues is displayed in the front door and the smooth light wooden floorboards found in the corridor as well as through the use of furniture such as the sofa in the living room area.

Purity exemplified

A fresh, Oriental flavor permeates the property, heightened by sliding compartments and decorative motifs.

Here, minimalist functionality is fused with contemporary classiness in a setting where you are able to indulge your senses and partake in an experience that melds bold simplicity with matching textures and articulate/effective hints of prestige.

Driving home this message is the careful incorporation of glass and the addition of refined artistic measures such as the large, golden framed picture on the wall in the main hall close to the entrance of the home.

With comfort being a defining factor of this home, it’s no surprise that the bedroom becomes a highlight of the overall theme with a concept that follows through from the rest of the property.

The blue sky ceiling artwork makes a comeback, matched with glowing blue lights installed behind a thin, headboard directly above the bed.

Purity comes into play here with the white soft mattresses and walls continuing on the concept of ease and comfort, crafting a space to unwind and relax.

A solid base for this area created by the smooth light wooden floorboards which also follows on from the home’s overall theme can be found here.