Browse Space Factor’s (“SF”) amazing portfolio of interior design projects completed over a period of 8 years. With an average of 10 years experience per interior designer in SF, our interior designers’ versatile capabilities are appreciated by clients throughout Singapore.

Each project is carefully implemented to follow the space owner’s style preference and the atmosphere they want our IDs to create. Whether it may be Contemporary, Mediterranean or Modern interior design, SF aim to ensure each space is unique and will be exactly what the space owner expects. 

View our works by their categories and click in to learn more about each of our past projects. If you see anything you like, feel free to share them with your friends or pin them to your Pinterests.com board.

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kitchen renovation

Life’s Little Pleasure

room interior design

My Exotic Space

hdb kitchen design

Heartland Resort Living

minimalist design

My Comfort Zone

smallkitchen design

Only For Us

kitchen design

Maison de reve

contemporary interior design

Contemporary Practicalities

renovation ideas

My Kind of Zen

tile design

Collectors of Scandinavian Chic

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