An Earthy Palette @ Joo Chiat Ave

Project Details
Joo Chiat, Singapore
12 weeks
Client & Brief
A bridge between generations

Sometimes adversity can bring out the best in things. This was especially true of this enchanting project located in Joo Chiat, Singapore.

The owners of the home, a family consisting of parents in their 60s and two children in their 20s had different directions in mind.

While the parents envisioned a grand and contemporary home, including a master bedroom that was cozy with plenty of storage and space, the son was more partial towards a colorful and fun theme full of excitement.

The daughter, on the other hand, wanted a quiet area of her own, suitable for reading and unwinding.

The tastes of different generations and genders can vary greatly and as anyone who has had a son and daughter would probably know, accommodating different styles under one roof can be a challenge.

Fortunately, Dolly and the rest of the team at Space Factor were more than capable of rising to the task.

Contrasting tastes have been used to this home’s benefit and the end result is a place that anyone can enjoy.

Adding to the challenge were timeline considerations that arose from the family’s shifting to a terrace house as well as project surprises that are common during the logistic process alongside decision-making delays due to the daughter of the family being overseas at the time of the renovations.
What We Did
Despite potential hurdles, what followed was an eclectic blend of layouts and textures that come together seamlessly. Throughout the home, a color palette consisting of a deep red or white base, earthy mid tones and green highlights that sizzle in all the right places can be consistently seen.

As you enter the living room, you are struck by the interplay of shapes and sizes, which display the precise use of elements throughout the home.

Neat cabinets and chic flat surfaces are complemented by low hanging furniture that accentuate space and height.

Against a primary backdrop of white, the soft lighting and smooth wood textures that can be found in the hall contribute to the underlying connective theme behind this ambitious endeavor.

Conspicuously free of extensive adornments, an artistic, glass coffee table sits before a flat screen television set, while a simple assortment of trinkets and photo albums can be seen placed along the wood cabinets.

The minimal yet effective use of mirrors can also be observed, broadening horizons and the spectrum of perspectives in this part of the home.

Splendor and silence

The role of mirrors is further amplified in specific areas of the home, such as the dining area which consists of a large, prestigious chandelier as well as a dark, minimalist, table and chair set which face a large mirror that spans across the entire surface of the wall.

The home’s unique layout enables the creative installation of various types of materials and textures in order to achieve a simple yet original effect with hints of grandiosity.

In crafting a blend of opposites, harmony and collaboration were key with carefully placed contrasts bringing the concept of a shared interior to life.

Splendor and silence inhabit this home and in keeping with the daughter’s request for a quiet place, function was the main focus of her room.

Large storage compartments neatly tucked into the walls with an appropriately sized wardrobe and three layers of mirrors can be found attached to the doors in a row and a long desk featuring plenty of space.

A rested and reflective mind are important and match the defining characteristics of this part of the home.

The understated application of white, beige, wood and light brown tones across the walls and flooring of the room provide it with its own identity while at the same time making it a part of the overall experience.

In contrast, the son’s room pops with zest and youthfulness.
A light-hearted and somewhat playful vibe imbues it as streaks of bright red, yellow, blue and orange come together and fill almost every section of the room.

The selection of furniture, mattresses and decorations fit with its distinct style as black and white wallpapers add a subtle notion of consistency with the overall theme of the house.

Consistency of purpose

A study room was also included as an added bonus for the entire family to enjoy.

Featuring an abundance of natural light, white storage shelves as well as a long, spacious desk with plenty of surface area and a comfy gray sofa craft a neutral meeting point for all the styles embodied in the house.

In order to achieve the sense of coziness and warmth that the parents had in mind, the master bedroom was designed with soft lighting, intricate patterns, warm textures and functional storage capabilities which provide a safe haven for the parents to call their own.

Elegant swirls mark the light purple mattress and pillows as well as the partial glass wall piece above the bed.

Plenty of surface area can be found beside and in front of the room’s sleeping area and provides a sense of organized cleanliness.

In that respect, an assortment of shelves, cupboards and compartments for efficient storage have been used and smooth-dark wood textures fill a majority of the room’s foundation, which a very minimal amount of accompanying tones.

This parent’s bedroom prizes sophistication and enough functionality to accommodate daily routines without complications.
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