91 sqm

Modern Retreat at The Peak @ Toa Payoh

Project Details
Toa Payoh, Singapore
Site Area:
91 sqm
8 weeks
Client & Brief
Home, your favorite place…

Working from home certainly does have its perks but if your home looks like this one, beware (you may not ever want to leave it).

Drawing clear inspiration from the city of love, the clients (a couple with 2 kids) wanted their abode to mirror the chic confines of an authentic Parisian café.

The couple (a property agent and an insurance agent) also wanted to create an atmosphere of spaciousness and (as a place for both work and play), they would require elements in the interior to accommodate and compliment their daily routines while being comfortable enough to take a breather and unwind outside of work.
What We Did
A light and easy vibe permeates the home. The iconic Eiffel Tower can be found almost everywhere here as portraits, stickers and other graphical elements bring the living room to life.

A seasoned, brown brick wall is positioned prominently to greet guests as they walk in and right beside that, a large graphic of the Eiffel Tower stands gloriously etched.

Right in front of the entrance that leads into the hall, a light wood textured dining table sits prominently with two long benches facing each other on either side.

Three distinctive, black lights that are quirky and avant-garde while being down to earth at the same time hover above the table in a set up that heightens the sense that you are entering a café on the Boulevard Saint-Germain.

Different variations, same theme

In interpreting this brief, the design team from Space Factor went to work with a diverse range of different materials.
Base tones of orange, brown, red and yellow play throughout the interior of the home and add subtle disparities as graphic stickers and lightbox variations draw lively, atmospheric detail into the property.
The suave decor and bright, glamorous undertones of Paris’ streets fill the home in remarkable tribute to the city’s cultural and artistic expression.

Additionally, the application of warm hues and a wide array of influences representing the couple’s unique preferences take form here while at the same time, providing an intimate glimpse into their way of life.

Shape, material, texture and space

In addition to color, length and breadth are expertly crafted into the home through the use of shapes.
This is most evident in the hall as patterns interspersed with bright colored imagery carry on into the main area, exemplified by a long picture frame on the wall, attached above a slightly longer couch with traces of illustrated Paris city vectors.
Although walls and ceiling colors remain largely clean and clear here, the large, black television set perched within its compartmented console, blends harmoniously with the chrome black ceiling fan and adds a stronger tonal base to the hall.
The reflective panes that adorn the paneled television console guide the viewer towards the sliding doors leading out into the balcony. The use of reflective material also helps open up the space and make it appear larger than it actually is.

One of the most unique aspects of this home is the carpet grass that lines the balcony flooring. The balcony is also composed largely of bright, prominent colors well suited to getting a breath of fresh air outdoors.

Transition between class and vibrancy

The tribute to Paris continues in the bedroom, accentuated by hints of elegance and tranquility that shift and transition from the other more bright and vibrant parts of the property.

Here, bright tones collapse into a soft, relaxing filter through the use of cream colored sheets, black/netted dim lighting, dark/covered cupboards and a slightly more subdued yet equally glamorous portrait of the Eiffel Tower fixed above the bed.

While reflective materials help to open up the hall, in the bedroom muted blacks as well as darker tones help to craft an environment suitable for rest and recharging the mind.
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