120 sqm

Contemporary Practicalities @ Butterworth View

Project Details
Katong, Singapore
Site Area:
120 sqm
9 weeks
Client & Brief
Contemporary elegance meets a subtle expression of convenience

While some people may be all about the exuberance brought about by colorful and multi-layered interiors, wide open spaces, tall ceilings and neutral colors characterize this 120 sqm home, imbued with a sense of practicality.

At times, the heart yearns for a little peace and quiet and if you’ve ever been in the grip of overwhelming claustrophobia brought about by a cluttered or unfocused home, this project found in Katong, Singapore provides a clear contrast.

Breathability, invigorating consistency, organized divisions and untampered attention to detail all point to precise ways in which preferences have been pinpointed.

The young couple that commissioned this design was insistent on a contemporary style, emphasizing that they weren’t too fond of Scandinavian or Industrial themes and adding that they were open to wild ideas that may enhance the personality of their home.

The main challenge for the designers at Space Factor then arose out of the initial layout of the property which was rather oddly-shaped.

However, thanks to their clients’ willingness to try new things, a fair amount of leeway was given to the designers when it came to implementing unconventional mediums and ideas.

The couple also gave the designers the green light when it came to a certain level of freedom of expression. This helped immensely when it came to exploring possibilities for restructuring the foundation of the design.

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What We Did
The end result weaves a multifaceted tapestry from threads of practicality, functionality and simplicity. A tranquil ambiance of gentle confidence emanates from the property as dark tonal outlines linger along the edges of a stripped down, clean and sophisticated home.

An overarching theme of soft colors and straight lines carries on throughout the house with remarkable consistency.

The orange glow trailing along the corners of the living room ceiling as well as a series of subtle light installations hanging along the center focus are clearly visible upon entering the home and go hand in hand with the prominent, clear and glossy, wood-colored marble tiled floors that stretch across the entirety of the main sections.

Length is accentuated again through the use of a long, living room sofa donned in light, neutral gray and placed before the Television console housed within a solid, dark wall fixture that spans the whole wall (again accentuating length).

Assortments of trinkets and decorative items can be found on both sides of the Television, filling in the blank spaces.

The kitchen area distinguishes itself from the rest of the home through the application of pearl white variations. Edges are marked by dark-toned hues and the symmetry between shelves, surfaces as well as floor tiling hint at the craftsmanship inherent in this design implementation.

A relaxing ambiance gives way to an atmosphere of pure serenity in the master bedroom. Staying true to the neutral theme of the home, the space here is composed of soft grays and whites and a calming wood textured floor which carries on from the overarching theme of the house characterized by the hall and living room areas.

The subtle overhead light fixture and dim, glowing ceiling groove combination is repeated here as well.

Compartmentalization through gorgeous surfaces and drawers almost completely blend into their environment and in keeping with the concepts of functionality, convenience and simplicity (and upon request), 1 of the 4 rooms was turned into a part walk-in wardrobe part study area.
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