12 Cosy Bedroom Interior Design Ideas & Tips in Singapore

January 15, 2024

Are you looking for bedroom interior design tips that will help you transform your room into a personal haven of comfort and functionality? We all strive to make our most private spaces a getaway from our daily hustle and bustle. But there is so much to do in making your bedroom reflect your character and needs. From color schemes, themes for the interior, types of lighting, furniture, accessories, and overall style, there are so many elements to choose from. That is where we come in; through design examples from our portfolio, we will describe various ideas of ours and essential tips and tricks from top designers in Singapore who work with us.

Let’s check out together what are the most essential principles in bedroom interior design:

1. Maximizing Functionality In A Room

Who says that a single room cannot be multifunctional? Whether you have a big room with unused space or a small condo with small rooms, you can utilize and improve your area’s functionality in numerous ways. Bedroom traditionally consists of a bed and wardrobe or/and closet. Because of this room layout, there is often unused space that you should exploit in clever ways.

Room dividers are the perfect element for these kinds of spaces. By incorporating a room divider in the bedroom, you can turn one big room into 2 smaller rooms. One room could be used as a walk-in closet, maximizing storage in a visually unnoticeable way. In smaller apartments, it is imperative to make every room multifunctional and save space whenever possible.

You can achieve this in the bedroom by using furniture that can transform and hide when not needed. The most well-known example of this is using closets with Murphy beds, or as they are better known, wall beds. These beds can be closed and folded into closets, leaving open space for other activities.


Walk-In Closet Plus Storage Space In Bedroom @ Tampines, Singapore

2. Incorporating Feature Walls

Walls are often ignored in bedroom interior designs. Most often, they are left white, or wallpapers are added on all of the walls in the room. But these options are boring in most cases because walls are large canvases that are dictating the mood and character of the room.

What can you do to spice up walls and add an extra designer touch to them? You can incorporate feature walls. This means accentuating one wall by adding a different color or texture. Possibilities are endless because this is purely an artistic choice of what you will do to add character to the room. Since colors dictate the mood, painting the wall in accent colors will drastically change the room’s emotions.

In the case of bedroom interior design, you can paint the said wall in calm colors to make the room give off a relaxing feel, which is imperative for good sleep. Also, do not be afraid of experimenting with textures and materials because you will be surprised how much of a personal touch room has with feature walls.

Space Factor Interior Design HDB

Royal Blue Textured Feature Wall @ Faber Garden

3. Mixing Old And New Design Themes And Styles

Speaking of personal touch, another way you can spice up the bedroom’s aesthetics is by experimenting with vintage and contemporary elements in the interior. We are complex beings with a lot of interest.

This is why you should not be afraid of mixing things that typically would not work together. This is a key to making a space that is a reflection of you and your taste. Why not add a vintage armchair where a modern bed and lighting dictate the style of the room? Play with these elements and make a unique ambient that your most private room deserves.

Space Factor Interior Design HDB interior design

Old And New Mix @ Punggol

4.  Choosing The Perfect Lighting

One of the best bedroom interior design tips we can give you is to choose the perfect lighting carefully. In interior design, light is treated with particular importance because light dictates how all other visual elements will be perceived. Even in a room of dull and lifeless furniture and accessories, proper lighting can radically change and enhance aesthetics.

This is not achieved just by one type of lighting but by a mixture of different lamps and lighting systems. LED strips, ceiling lights, and mood lamps can all be mixed in a perfect harmony that will enlighten elegance and improve the bedroom mood. Even though this requires a particular set of designer skills, you can achieve it all with careful consultations with our designers.


Elegance Through Lighting @ Sims Urban Oasis


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5. Incorporating Lines And Symmetry In The Space

We all subconsciously crave symmetry and order in the space that we live in. A chaotic environment creates stress in our minds. This is why it is essential to incorporate symmetrical elements in the interior. In the bedroom, this is especially important because the general feel of the room must be calming for our mind and body.

6. Experimenting With Textiles And Textures

Interior design lies in the experimentation and eclectic combination of elements in harmony. This is especially noticeable in composing a blend of fabrics and textures.

This does not only apply to furniture but also to accessories such as curtains, drapes, and blinds. An interior built out of just one type of textile element can often appear dull. Still, if you dare to try mixing different elements like leather with velvet or plush with wood, the result will amaze you with a specific feel of elegance that you can get only when you dare to go out of the norm.


Bedroom @ Parc Olympia

7. Choose Your Curtains, Drapes, Or Blinds Wisely

Last but definitely not least are the type of curtains or blinds that you use in a particular room. The drapes or blinds are probably the most important element of a room; the one which catches the attention of anyone who enters almost immediately and defines the perspective with which he will look at the room. Therefore, it is very important that you choose them wisely as they should complement the whole look of the room, not degrade it. In the following example of a bedroom interior design, we can see that the overall theme of the room is elegant but it is stepped up to a luxurious level by adding silk and organza drapes.

Interior Design Space Factor HDB Condo

Luxurious Curtains @ Sophia Residence

Renovating And Revamping Bedroom Interior

Renovation is a challenging task for everyone. This is a universal truth. We all change, and with us, our environment, and especially our home should change too from time to time. This is a challenging task with many interior design problems that always arise. When you decide you will venture into renovation, you need to be ready to undertake all of the challenges that are in front of you, but fear not because our studio is here to help you with all the advice that you need:

Paint And Wallpaper Peeling

This is probably the most common problem in homes. Home breathes just like us, and that process takes in moisture that can cause an expansion in the structure of paint, with the result being peeling and cracking of the paint.
Of course, poor quality of paint and application is also a fundamental cause of the peeling of the paint. This can be avoided by proper preparation of the surface. By scraping loose moisture-damaged paint, filling the cracks, and sanding, we make a proper surface for applying primer and later final paint.

Also, take into consideration the weather when you decide to paint. High moisture in the air, when it is raining, can cause poor paint adhesiveness and later peeling of the paint. The same problems can happen with wallpaper. When adhesive fails and improper repair is made, air bubbles can trap air and moisture that will degrade the wall and wallpaper over time. All these problems can be averted if you hire professionals to prevent water damage.

Flooring Problems

Flooring is the most expensive problem you might have, and there are no two ways about it. Replacing the floor is a tedious task and expense everyone can afford. After the water damage, most wood flooring will need replacing. Vinyl and ceramic flooring can be easily repaired with solutions specifically made to restore this type of hard floor. But as we said earlier, your home needs to change with you, so flooring change is imminent at some point in time. We couldn’t speak about bedroom interior design tips without advising you to consider the floor’s condition.

Challenges Of Small Spaces

From a designer’s point of view, small spaces have always been a challenging task – but not an impossible one. Our designers are trained to deal with that kind of space, too, so worry not because they will always have a solution ready for you to try. As we earlier mentioned, the key to managing small spaces is multipurpose furniture that can be turned into different furniture depending on current needs.

Foldable beds, beds with built-in hidden storage space, and similar furniture can have a pivotal role in creating much-needed room in small apartments. Also combining this kind of furniture with a special lighting system can visually open the room and make it seem larger.

Dealing With Scale Of The Space

Dealing with small spaces and rooms is a tricky task. The biggest problem in these rooms is ignoring the scale of the elements, making them seem smaller. The key to success in this field is syncing the interior to a harmony that will not sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. The scale of the furniture depends on room size, not the other way around. In creating the illusion of a big space you need to scale furniture to the room size. This is done by making focal points with one or two dominant pieces of furniture. Putting furniture of that size in the primary form of the composition opens a possibility for layering other pieces around them and thus creating a harmony of the sizes of elements. This is going to make the room seem wide and diverse.

Relying On Current Trends Rather Than Timeless Designs

Reading interior design magazines makes it seem that we all need to buy the latest trendy furniture will make our room seem stylish, but that is simply not the case. The key to making an elegant and stylish space is combining contemporary interior design with timeless design pieces. Working with professional designers and decorators will change your opinion for the better and elevate your style to a whole another level.

Current trends can always get out of style very quickly and by blindly following them you will have to redecorate every year and so, to keep up with the zeitgeist. That is why you should strive for and understand the qualities of timeless design. Investing in quality well-known and award-winning pieces of design that are the holy grail in the world of design is always a safe bet when it comes to following this interior philosophy. With these quality purposes, you ensure that you won’t have to deal with redecorating too soon. Instead of completely refurbishing every few years you will give room for your interior to grow naturally on its own, by changing a few pieces now and then, and not spending a big amount of money every 2-3 years depending on income.

Hire A Professional Bedroom Interior Designer

We hope that these bedroom interior design tips and renovating and revamping ideas will be a foundation for your creativity and vision, incorporating them wisely and reshaping your taste and knowledge about interior design.
As earlier mentioned renovation and designing a new interior is a hard task for an individual. Still, with the help of professional designers and decorators you can not only realize your dream home but exceed your expectations for the aesthetics of your bedroom. In every way, the bedroom is the most private and therefore most special room in the house, so always make sure to thoroughly explain your ideas and motives to designers so they can accurately help you and not strive too much off the road in the process.

This is where we come in. Every picture above reflects a bedroom we have designed, and we can do the same for you. We take pride in our work and guarantee that by the end of the job, you’ll be more than satisfied with the final product. Contact us now, and let us know how we can help you. All projects in the article can serve as a design inspiration to transform your bedrooms.

If you need help in achieving your design dreams, do not be shy and contact us for help in services for cozy HDB design, condo design, and landed houses in Singapore. We are here to transform your bedrooms into your private heaven!

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