Unique Interior Design Ideas For 4-Room HDB Flats

December 15, 2021

When you are looking for interior design ideas for your 4-room HDB apartments, you can become overwhelmed with the amount of choices that you come across. There are several different types of interior design themes and styles that will go quite well in a 4-room HDB apartment. There are often mixes of 2 or more design themes that can also look quite good according to your requirements.

But many times, unless you see those different themes and designs actually being implemented in homes, you just fail to visualize how they will look in your own apartment. That is the reason, we have consolidated some of the portfolios designed by Space Factor where you can see different themes and styles implemented in actual 4-room HDB apartments through which you can draw inspiration for your own homes.

Whether you are designing your home from scratch or renovating certain aspects of the apartment, these portfolios will give you a starting point of how you want things to move forward with respect to interior design. Following are some unique interior design ideas for 4-room HDB apartments designed by Space Factor.

British Colonial Interior With A Black And White Theme

This 4-room HDB apartment at Tanglin Halt designed by Space Factor has a unique and beautiful interior design that features an open-plan living, huge windows, and wooden textures that add a touch of colonialism, minimalism, and aesthetics into the space. The colours black and white dominate the design where the furnishings are kept vintage to add that colonial touch. In the living room, the floors are kept of dark wood colour whereas the furnishings are a mix of leather and cane. The white walls contrast the dark wooden floors whereas the large cupboard which resembles huge file cabinets adds a touch of character to the design.

Unique Living Room Design @ Tanglin Halt


The kitchen also features the dominant black and white colours which are used in perfect contrast and balance with each other. The kitchen walls and cabinets are kept white whereas the countertops are black coloured which match the dark brown wooden floors. Notice how a lot of plants have been used in all the areas which uplift the room’s appearance and give a fresh feel to an otherwise dull black and white theme. Together, the white, black, and green give a very modern yet earthly feel to the space.

Uplifting Kitchen Interior Design @ Tanglin Halt


The bathroom in this HDB flat also has a unique design and theme which is appealing to the eye. The floor tiles feature a geometric black and white pattern which could have become too much for the eyes. But since they are balanced with plain white walls and black bathroom fixtures, the result is a perfect example of balance and harmony. The black fixtures also add a touch of industrialism to the design. Again, green leafy plants are used in the bathroom which adds a touch of colour and freshness to the space.

Black And White Bathroom @ Tanglin Halt


The bedroom is kept minimalist with dark wooden floors and a dark brown bed. The walls are white with black and white window blinds. The bedroom door is also white with a black border which adds extra character to the design. Indoor plants balance the black and white and give a fresh and eye-catching appeal to the room. A black ceiling fan and black direct lighting fixtures add that industrial touch to this British colonial design.

Beautiful Bedroom at Tanglin Halt

Dramatic Contrast With Grey And Wooden Tones

This beautiful and dramatic contrast of grey and wooden tones with fresh and vibrant colors in this 4-room HDB interior design by Space Factor is a perfect inspiration for anyone who wants a lively and dramatic abode for themselves. The colors used in this interior design along with the selection of furniture and other elements projects a very striking style and mood into the space.

The lounge appears simple, elegant, and sophisticated which is dominated by the colours grey, brown, and oak. The design is kept minimal and elegant with only one wall of the room featuring home family photos. These photos with a black border add just the touch of freshness to the room without overpowering the minimalist design. The white curtains go well with the earthly wooden shades and light coloured floors.

Dramatic Contrast In the Living Room @ Sims Urban Oasis


Another view of the living from the other angle shows dark brown walls and a counter with stools which is all accentuated by using spotlights, recessed lighting, and hanging light fixtures. An open kitchen flows into the living area where the cabinets are dominated with dark brown wooden textures and white countertop. Fresh indoor plants add a touch of elegance to the design.

Open Kitchen And Living Room @ Sims Urban Oasis


The simple and elegant view of the living room and kitchen takes a turn when the kids’ bedroom is entered. The small space is utilized to the maximum by installing bunk beds and hidden storage spaces. The general theme of the kids’ room is white whereas colorful wall hangings on one complete wall uplift the room’s image. The contrasting dark wooden floor adds the final touch of sophistication.

Kids Room @ Sims Urban Oasis


In the master bedroom, the small space is utilized by merging the nightstand with a chest of drawers. The main theme of this room is grey with a wooden floor which is further enhanced by using recessed lighting and spotlighting. Again the minimalist approach is quite evident in the bedroom design.

Simplistic Bedroom @ Sims Urban Oasis

Modern Industrial Design With A Touch Of Luxury

In this beautiful mix of modern, industrial, and luxurious interior design @ Faber Garden designed by Space Factor, anyone can draw inspiration to place things in these supposedly different style themes. The simple modern touch is achieved primarily by the use of beige and grey colors whereas just the right amount of bold patterns and colours add to the luxury of the space. Such luxurious style suits condominium interior designs in Singapore as well!

The main essence of luxury is achieved by using the color blue in subtle yet dramatic effect. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all in an open-concept area where different elements of the design are added to create a luxurious effect. Blue color is used for the cabinets whereas the kitchen countertops are luxuriously marble-tiled. The kitchen stools are made of golden steel which add to the luxury of the design. The black wrought-iron cabinets in the kitchen add that touch of industrial style to the design. Different forms of statement lighting and chandeliers complete the look.

Luxurious Open Concept Design @ Faber Garden


The bedroom in this portfolio also makes a statement with a patterned wall of blue shade. The wooden floors and white bed set complement the blue color and make it look elegant and sophisticated. Recessed lighting adds the final touch of luxury to the design.

Luxurious Bedroom @ Faber Garden


The bathroom is the essence of simplicity yet style in a one-tone white theme. All the toilet fixtures, walls, and floors are white. The cabinet underneath the sink is wooden whereas the glass partitions are bordered with black wrought iron. This subtle addition of black and wood to a dominant white theme bathroom immediately uplifts and enhances the appearance. One of the walls of the bathroom has patterned tiles so the white does not appear too plain or simple. Some indoor plants help to add freshness to the space.

White and Simple Bathroom @ Faber Garden

All these designs for a 4-room HDB flat take on different elements of different designs and mix them together to create unique spaces and areas which are bound to impress anyone. The end result is a beautiful, elegant, modern, and cozy home where you can feel relaxed after a difficult and hectic day at work! These designs and others by Space Factor can help inspire new ideas and designs for their own home interiors and renovations. Space Factor provides services for HDB renovation, condominium renovation and landed property renovation for homeowners in Singapore. Start building your dream house with them today!


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