What are the Common Interior Design Problems and How to Deal With Them

May 15, 2020

Which are the Toughest Interior Design Problems and How to Deal With Them

Every now and then, home and office need a good interior revamping. However, dealing with a ton of details can bring in some unwanted headaches. Often times, homeowners take on a new renovation project with enthusiasm but end up at a dead-end road simply because they’re unaware of how to deal with certain interior design problems.

Of course, renovation is not an easy task, so you have to be well-prepared. Here’s a list of some common interior design problems that you may encounter. To assist you in your quest, we’ve also provided some solutions.

Peeling Paint

The first and probably most common interior design problem is the peeling paint. And the most likely reason for this is moisture. Another common reason is improper application or just poor paint quality. Repainting is obviously the only way you can deal with this issue. However, what you can do is avoid repeating the mistake.

To do this properly, you should properly prepare the area and surface that needs repainting. This can be easily done by scraping away any loose paint, filling the cracks, sanding and applying a solid primer. Also, keep in mind that painting any room before and after rainfall is a big no-no because of the excessive moisture.

Last but not least, make sure you hire a professional contractor that will apply suitable and long-lasting paint. You may be reluctant of spending additional bucks on a professional paint job contractor but a good professional usually has the right tools and skills which may save you a lot of money and time in the future.

Peeling Wallpaper

Another “peeling” issue many homeowners face is when the wallpaper starts falling off. Typically, the problem starts from the ends but it can turn into a real disaster if not fixed on time. The peeling wallpaper can be repaired by applying a special wallpaper adhesive on the ends. Now, bubbles are a bigger headache and there are a couple of reasons that may cause them. There may be a need for regluing but another reason might be the accumulated dirt underneath.

Of course, everything can be fixed with the right amount of wallpaper adhesive. Ultimately, you can have your wallpaper changed by a professional to prevent this from happening again.

Faulty or poor lighting

Frankly, many homeowners neglect the lighting part when decorating their living space. This often leaves them with dark corners, which is a huge problem, especially for those living in small houses or apartments. Unknowingly, they end up making their homes look even smaller.

When it comes to interior designing, layering different types of lighting sources is a must for providing proper artificial lighting and making your rooms look more spacious. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s alright to pack up your bedroom or living room with a ton of bedside lamps. Everything should be done temperately and picked carefully to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Ultimately, make sure you allow enough natural light into your home because nothing can top that.

The Flooring is in Bad Condition

Along with the walls, the flooring is the foundation of any room and home. It plays a major role in how people perceive a room. Unfortunately, replacing it can be a tedious and expensive task which not everyone can afford.

Usually, replacing flooring can be avoided depending on the type of damage and material that’s used. Vinyl, wood, ceramic or porcelain flooring can be easily refurbished with specially-designed cleaning and restoring solutions. However, if it’s already outdated or has many visible signs of wear and tear, you should think about new options.

Small Space

Small spaces have always been challenging, even for the professional interior designers. If you’re tired of living in your small home but you can’t afford to move out, you definitely need to get creative.

Making your space look bigger is not an impossible task, but you’ll probably need to readjust your home interior from scratch. From foldable and nesting tables to armchairs with built-in storage space, small spaces can definitely inspire you to create a truly unique design for your home. In fact, the concept of creating more space can change your entire mindset and the way you perceive your home interior design.

Focusing on using every surface, even the walls and the ceiling, is a good start, especially if you lack space in your kitchen. Buying a foldable or wall-mounted bed can sound a little awkward and even crazy, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much floor space you’ll get when you hide it during the day. And don’t forget layering several lighting sources. In combination with natural light, your home will look spacious and airy.

Ignoring Scale

Ignoring scale is one of the main reasons why your rooms look smaller. Even though it can be a tricky task, syncing every detail properly is the key to creating a spacious-looking interior.

Remember that every item in a room should somehow match with the others. What’s more, you should scale the size of your furniture to the room size. To create the illusion of a big room, focus on creating focal points with one or two large pieces of furniture. Then, layer the rest of the items around them to enrich the atmosphere make it look diverse and wide.

Relying on current trends rather than timeless designs

Everybody wants their home to look like it is coming straight out of an interior design magazine. This tricks many homeowners into believing that renovating their home according to the latest trends will do a great job. On the contrary, you shouldn’t fall for this trap because you may regret it sooner or later.

For this reason, it may be a better idea if you focus on timeless interior designs rather than those that are trending now. The reason for this is rather simple – the now on-trend designs will become outdated quickly and you’ll be left out with a home that’s looking old-fashioned at best.

To avoid this, it’s important to realize the power of timeless design. Not only you’ll save money on remodeling every two years, but you’ll be able to purchase some high-quality pieces of furniture and décor that’ll last longer. In the end, you’ll create a stylish and comfy atmosphere without having to reinvest in new decoration and furnishing every now and then.

Your Home is in an Old Building

When speaking of creativity, small spaces are nothing compared to having to renovate an old building. Due to the incompatibility of most old-time architecture with contemporary interior design, renovating a home in an old building can be very difficult. However, some genius hacks can quickly transform the outdated and seemingly unattractive features into truly unique-looking focal points. Moreover, living in an old building might be a huge advantage if you’re into rustic or whimsical interior design styles.


Finally, remember that a home renovation will inevitably challenge your mind. The best remedy is to not hesitate because there’s always a way to fix things for a better interior design. Bear in mind that you can always get professional help from experts in the field.

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