Industrial Interior Designs for A Modern Lifestyle

December 15, 2023

Singapore is home to a number of different types of house types with the most popular type being HDB apartments. HDB apartments come in a variety of sizes ranging from 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 5-bedroom HDB’s. Whatever kind of HDB or landed property you have, you may wish to renovate it and change the interior design to make it amazingly unique, modern, and beautiful. If you ever thought of designing your home in a unique and beautiful way? If yes, then industrial interior design might be the one you are looking for. When you are about to embark on the journey of redesigning your home, it is always a good idea to explore the different interior design styles such as warehouse interior design and then choose the one that you like the most.

Here, we will go into the details of the industrial interior design theme, where it originated from, what its salient characteristics are, and some inspirational ideas for implementing this theme into your interior.

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History of Industrial Design

Industrial interior design is all about exposed pipes and ducts, brickwork, concrete floors, and other raw and unfinished elements that although may seem like too rugged an interior design for a home, but in reality can be beautiful as well as functional. Industrial interior design originated during the 18th and 19th centuries during the industrial revolution.

In the first industrial revolution, factories were set up constructed from bricks with lofted floors and large windows with grills. These features inspired homeowners to incorporate some of these characteristics into their interior design styles.

During the next industrial revolution, more sophisticated industrial structures and factories came into existence. These structures were manufactured with stronger building materials like steel and concrete since they housed large operations under one roof. These factories also used the characteristic industrial lighting for the first time that comprised the Edison light bulb. To date, these Edison light bulbs are an important feature of the industrial design style.

After the industrial revolution came the mid-century era which showcased modern mid-century and classical interiors. However, the 21st century saw people embrace simplicity and minimalism as they wanted some change from the luxurious and modern interiors. This is where the industrial interior design for homes started gaining popularity.

Characteristics of the Industrial Design Theme

Just like every other interior design style, the industrial design interior also features certain characteristics that give it its unique identity and character.

Exposed structures

One of the most prominent features of this design style is exposed structural elements like pipes, ducts, and other metallic structures. These exposed architectural elements make the interior reminiscent of the industrial era so that anyone entering the premises should immediately feel as if they have entered an industrial building or factory.

Just as important a feature is brickwork in the form of brick walls. Walls could be fully covered in bricks or the bricks may be showcased in abstract or geometric patterns to give a contemporary touch to the interior.

Main colors

The main colors used in an industrial interior are neutrals such as grays, browns, whites, and blacks. Depending on whether you want a strictly industrial look or a more industrial-chic look, your choice of accent colors could be changed. Choose colors like brick red, rust and orange for the former look whereas for the latter look, you can add a few pops of vivid colors. However, these accents are used sparingly so as to primarily keep the color palette neutral and monochromatic.

Lines and contours

There is some form of minimalism in the industrial design style which is also depicted in the form of clean lines and form throughout the space. Straight lines and smooth, curvy contours are all evident in the space.

Furniture and accessories

The furnishings and accessories used in an industrial home are also inspired by the main construction materials: metal and wood. Thus, you would see lots of vintage wood and wrought iron furniture in the interior like kitchen bar stools and comfortable sofas. Modern furniture from the mid-century modern era, as well as artistic accessories like vintage photographs, wall paintings, and other forms of abstract art, can be used to enhance the aesthetics of this interior.

Concrete floors

Another important feature of the industrial interior design style is concrete floors and high ceilings. For a more contemporary look, you can choose polished concrete floors, otherwise stick to the traditional concrete floors for a more raw and rugged appearance.

Natural light

The industrial landscape is illuminated with lots of natural light that enters the premises through the large windows with metal panes and grills. Other forms of lighting can include track lights, rustic chandeliers, and most important of all, Edison bulbs.

Natural textiles

Lastly, an industrial interior design is largely dominated by natural textiles and fabrics like jute, weathered leather, wool, cotton, and linen. All these natural textures bring a degree of warmth and coziness to the interior.

Pros and Cons of Industrial Design

Before finalizing an interior design style for your home, it is always a good idea to go through its pros and cons to have a better idea if the interior will be a good fit for you or not.

Some of the advantages of using an industrial interior for your home include:

  • This style brings you closer to nature through the use of raw and unfinished elements, along with the use of earthly tones and natural textiles.
  • This interior can be achieved on a budget since it does not require very expensive and luxurious decorative items to be displayed.
  • The industrial theme can be achieved by using minimal furniture and accessories, so it is easier to maintain.
  • It is a versatile design theme where you can incorporate other design styles to create unique interiors, for example, retro industrial, industrial chic, contemporary industrial, and rustic industrial interior designs.
  • Since the majority of the elements used in this interior are natural, this design style is more environmentally friendly.

As always, with every advantage, there are certain disadvantages as well.

  • Since an industrial design style focuses mainly on raw and rugged elements, it may look dirty and unhygienic if not cleaned properly.
  • The industrial design style is only feasible for large homes, a small HDB may look cramped and untidy in this design theme.
  • There is a very fine line between rugged and bland in this interior, so needs more contemplation to avoid making the space appear dull and boring.

Industrial Design Style Inspiration

Now that we have a clear understanding of what industrial design entails and its pros and cons, let’s dive into some design portfolios by Space Factor. These portfolios can give you great visual dynamics of how an industrial style can be incorporated into your home and whether it will go with your personal preferences and requirements.

Industrial Makeover @ The Fernvale Link

Interior Design Space Factor Rustic Colours

The first industrial interior design portfolio that we are discussing features a beautiful space that has dominating industrial characteristics with a touch of sophistication to create a Scandinavian industrial interior design. To give a pop of color to an otherwise bland interior, cool pastel colors are used along with some artistic elements to give a fun twist to this design theme.

Consider the following living room/dining area where the exposed metallic ducts instantly give an industrial appearance. The metallic pulley-work with hanging Edison lamps is also in line with the design theme. Now comes the fun aspects of the design. Colorful table mats create a fun aesthetic in the space whereas the colorful chair further enhances this look. Coming to one of the walls, we can see a blackboard that can be used to create fun doodles and art to brighten up the space. The track lights and hanging lamps make the interior a mix of Scandinavian and industrial.

Space Factor Industrial Renovation Interior Design

Now coming to the kitchen. The kitchen interior design itself is an embodiment of elegance which is a feat to achieve in an industrial design. Again, you can see a mix of Scandinavian in the interior with the wooden, polished cabinets and contemporary kitchen fixtures. However, the matte black countertops and the black track lights on the ceiling immediately bring back the industrial essence. The metallic, exposed shelves are another brilliant idea to bring in the industrial touch with elegance in the kitchen. Although these shelves are silver, you can even keep them black to further accentuate the effect and create color contrasts in the space. A few wall hangings and some exposed wooden shelves bind all the elements together to produce an elegant industrial kitchen.


When it comes to an industrial-themed home, we often see the kitchen and living room interior designed with industrial characteristics but the bedroom often depicts some other interior design style. This is because the bedroom is considered to be a place of rest and relaxation. Since the raw and rugged elements of an industrial design are too crude to provide a sense of coziness, the bedroom is often left out.

However, this portfolio shows how you can incorporate industrial characteristics into a bedroom interior design without losing its comfortable and relaxing aesthetics. The black exposed track lights can safely be added to the room to give an industrial touch. Instead of adding any exposed ducts and pipes, opt for furniture and cupboards that have thick black borders to give the illusion of black pipes and ducts. This can be seen in the following image where the cupboards and window blinds exhibit the contrasting colors of black and beige. Add some comfortable bedding and fabrics with a few artistic pieces, souvenirs, and mementos to add a vintage twist to this interior.

Warehouse Chic @ Punggol Drive

This second design portfolio that we are discussing exhibits industrial characteristics along with contemporary, chic features in beautiful balance and harmony. Not many people can pull off a strictly speaking “industrial design theme” as it requires them to embrace its rawness with open arms. However, for other individuals who like the industrial elements but think that they are a little too much to handle, a very stylish and elegant alternative would be the warehouse chic or industrial chic interior.

The following design portfolio can give you amazing design goals to create the perfect industrial home for yourself in style.

At first sight, the living space is undoubtedly industrial with exposed, black ductwork and hanging metallic lamps. The black metallic fan and the wooden cupboards with the black, metallic frames all exhibit industrial characteristics.

On more careful observation, one can see that industrial characteristics are added in other elements as well. The simple, old dining table and the small wooden coffee table with the wrought iron frame are in line with the industrial requirements of using metal and wood. However, the polished tiled floors and the contemporary window blinds add a chic touch to the room.


Another angle of the living room interior design shows wooden/metallic frame shelves which give a mixed industrial-barn style look. This adds more depth and versatility in the interior. One wall of the living room shows brickwork which is quite different from what you would normally expect. Instead of red, brown, or rust brickwork, we see off-white bricks arranged on the wall. Again, contrary to a usual industrial theme that features a complete wall of bricks, here we see bricks sparingly displayed in a haphazard manner. This creates an abstract design and brings a touch of elegance and style in this rugged interior. Moreover, the art displayed on that wall along with a dartboard, and a vintage bicycle showcased in the living room all work together to create an interior that is timeless.


Moving on to the bedroom of this home, we again see the same level of sophistication along with the rawness. The polished hardwood floors create a contemporary look whereas the black ceiling track lights add the industrial essence. A beautiful walk-in closet is also designed on the same lines with wooden construction and black metallic borders. The full-length mirrors also exhibit a natural and earthy aesthetic along with the dark-colored wood. Moreover, different forms of modern lighting further accentuate the significant characteristics of the interior to produce a powerhouse interior.



Traditional industrial design HDB homes may display a touch of ruggedness and uniqueness that could be liked by many homeowners. However, for some people, that ambience might be a bit too cold and raw. This does not mean that they could not transform an industrial interior design theme into a style that showcases their unique character and personality while still having those industrial theme touches. The design portfolio that we discuss now shows just how you can achieve this feat.

Let’s start with this HDB living room interior design that takes some features from an industrial theme and incorporates them into a modern space with a twist. Instead of dark earthly colors dominating the space like in an industrial home, we see black in sharp contrast to the white color palette. The black ceiling track lights and black-metallic frames and grills for the windows and doors add an industrial touch to this otherwise modern home. Leather sofas and cane furniture add an earthly vibe while the open-concept kitchen with its fine line detailing create a trendy and stylish ambience.


The bathroom interior design of this HDB also depicts an industrial theme with a bright and airy ambience. Instead of creating a dark and gloomy atmosphere, the whole house adopts a bright and refreshing ambience by using white color as the contrasting color with black. As can be seen in the following image, the color palette of the bathroom is black and white with almost all the bathroom fixtures being black. These black pipes and toilet fixtures add an industrial touch to the room. Furthermore, the black metallic accents and borders on the mirror, window, and glass partition give out industrial vibes. The floor also depicts black and white checkered tiles that are synonymous with a raw and olden look.


Now, coming on to the bedroom interior design, a warm and cozy environment is created there with a few touches of industrial features to go in line with the theme of the house. A true industrial designed bedroom may give out cold and uninviting vibes which is the opposite of what kind of ambience we want to achieve in a bedroom. Therefore, the designers at Space Factor designed this bedroom in an intelligent manner in which they added industrial elements while still making a comfortable and relaxing bedroom for the residents.

The black track lights and ceiling fan along with the black border of the door and windows all help to create an industrial theme in the bedroom. On the other hand, all other elements are added to give out cozy and warm vibes. The bed is a traditional wooden bed with a comfortable mattress. The cane side tables and planters in the room create an earthly connection with nature that helps calm nerves and produce a stress-free atmosphere. With multiple windows present in the bedroom, the overall environment is well-lit and airy.


Industrial Vintage Vibe @ GUAN CHUAN

Let’s go through another one of our amazing HDB interior design portfolios that is a harmonious blend of industrial and vintage interior design themes. The industrial design theme creates a rather crude look whereas the vintage design creates a nostalgic feeling that takes you back to the old days. When these two design styles are combined together, the result is a highly creative and unique home that is bound to leave your guests awe-stricken with its beauty.

The following picture shows the lobby of this HDB interior with an industrial-vintage design theme. The side walls feature a half-completed brick wall design that is distributed haphazardly in the space. The incomplete structure further adds to the crudeness of this industrial style in the area. The upper portion of the same wall displays picture frames and heirlooms passed on through the generations to give a nostalgic feel. The track lights and the concrete floors further enhance the industrial vibes in this lobby. You can add your own preferential elements to such an interior to give your unique and personalized touch to the space.

"HDB Design– VINTAGE VIBE @ Guan Chuan - 40"

Another picture of this creative industrial HDB interior design shows the staircase. A staircase in the house is often ignored when it comes to interior designing whereas, there are so many ways in which you can uplift its appearance to enhance the overall interior of the whole house. As shown in the following image, the industrial elements in the space comprise the metallic railing of the staircase as well as quite visible exposed pipes on the side walls and the ceiling. Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling are the elements that further enhance the industrial outlook in the space. The bohemian tiled stairs as well as the neon lighting in the area create an artistic and retro ambience that looks quite interesting. Moreover, the side walls showcase artistic wall hangings further enhancing the creative and unique vintage vibes.

"HDB Design– VINTAGE VIBE @ Guan Chuan - 23"

The bathroom interior design in this home shows a beautiful mix of the raw industrial features with the old and vintage elements along with a few modern fixtures to create a unique sight. The dedicated shower area has glass partitions whose borders are made from black metal. Now coming to the interesting part. The walls comprise a tiled architecture in which the lower tiles are chosen to give raw and vintage appearance. The bottle green color of the tiles and their not-so-perfect alignment have industrial and vintage written all over them. However, the upper set of tiles feature a modern and trendy outlook in an artistic arrangement. The vintage sink bowl and faucet sit on a modern vanity in this highly unique bathroom.

"HDB Design– VINTAGE VIBE @ Guan Chuan - 37"

Whether you like the raw industrial design theme or are more inclined towards a chic and contemporary fusion of industrial style, these portfolios can help you inspire to create the perfect industrial interior design theme in your home. For more advice and inspiration, contact Space Factor today and get the home of your dreams.

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