5 Oddly-Satisfying Condo Interior Designs

November 15, 2020

In the past decade, Singapore has slowly turned into a centerfold for interior design. Today, there are plenty of studios offering condo interior design services. However, not many are ready to pull off something different and unique. Therefore, we’ve decided to showcase a few projects we have done so far.

Well, they’re not really odd, but they’re definitely original and even a little unconventional. Perhaps, you can indulge yourself in the attractive styles from the studio. Besides, you can always use some inspiration.

Paradise in the City


Para-Paradise @ High Park Residences

Arguably, there’s a hidden haven in the city, and it’s in the High Park Residences. This tiny condominium greets you with a lush of artificial greenery and light-brown and white tones. As you enter, the living room awaits you with its large wallpaper of a scenic mountain view. On the opposite, there’s a TV with a feature wall of decorative plants.

Perhaps, the naturalistic feel flows from all aspects of this condo interior design. At the same time, it’s not too overwhelming. As we can imagine, the concept behind it is to infuse a stress-relieving value in the interior. Moreover, everything adds to the aesthetic value of the tiny condominium. After all, who doesn’t like to take a rest after work and spend quality time at home? Here, the calm ambiance will undoubtedly help the residents achieve that.

Of course, the floral theme of the home wouldn’t have the same impact without some earthy cabinets. The interior employs different tones of light brown and muted gray and white tones to create a subtle contrast. The onyx-white tiles reflect the warm lighting to complete the inviting feel. In some sense, everything creates an illusion coming from the beautiful mountain wallpaper at the back of the couch.

Rustic Cotton Candy

In this condo interior design, there’s something deeply satisfying. If you’re looking for a style to remind of the old times, this is it. Surprisingly, the designers have managed to interpolate the owners’ taste in a breeze. The country-style look blends perfectly with some classic Nordic elements. Perhaps, this design is all about visual intricacy and detail.

Here, the white tones are prominent, and you can find them throughout the 1200 sqft project. There is plenty of storage space around the home. Also, there are a lot of surfaces mindfully displaced to accommodate the contemporary appeal. The pinpoint of the design is that it builds up around pre-existing furniture. Still, this idea blends in perfectly with the new style of the home.

Of course, let’s not forget about the functionality that this condo interior design has achieved. When you enter the kitchen, you’ll see the transition to a vibrant space with soothing blue cabinetry. As expected, there’s ample room for all kitchen amenities. However, nothing can compare to the built-in wardrobe. The all-white piece of furniture can comfortably accommodate the entire amount of clothing and accessories.

Sometimes, there’s no need to overthink things. The recurring elements between the premises aren’t that special, but the overall cohesion between them. The color palette ranges from white to light blue and Victorian blue. Besides, there aren’t many statement pieces to showcase. Instead, there are small details that retain the elegance and improve the visual appeal. In this respect, these details are the mirrors, cabinet handles, and glass casings.

Confident Luxury

If you’re into that elegant, upscale look, our designers at Space Factor have already done it. In the 1300-square-meter home at Sophia Residence, you’ll find the perfect template on posh condo interior design done right. The neutral woody brown and grey palette dominates the atmosphere creating a sense of subtle luxe.

What’s more, you’ll see varying tones of dark, light, and pale that complete the overall look. The ceiling lights create an easy-flowing transition of light across the premises. As a result, the designers have achieved a seamless unification. When you think of contrast, the kitchen countertop, furniture texture, and material are enough to set the boundaries between spaces.

In this three-room condominium, you’ll indulge in a relaxed and understated luxury. The first and most immediate feature is the living hall space. It integrates the kitchen, hall, and living room in one open-plan concept. Contrary to what you’d expect, the compartments discretely hide clutter. Also, there are lots of mirrors strategically dispositioned to open up the interior. After all, confidence comes from a strong sense of identity, and details play a major role in creating it.

Modern Retreat at The Peak


Modern Retreat at The Peak @ Toa Payoh

Perhaps, you’ll like the idea of making your home feel like a chic retreat. In this case, the Modern Retreat condominium interior design draws inspiration from the authentic style of chic Parisian cafés. Of course, that wouldn’t work without achieving a spacious atmosphere in the 91 square-meter condominium.

Overall, there’s a carefree vibe that floats throughout the premises. At first, it will make you think that you’re in an actual café. Indeed, the entire place will flood you with different depictions of the Eiffel Tower and other geographical features. Moreover, there’s a brick wall positioned right in front of the entering guests. The combination of the Tower and the brick wall will put you in the mood right from the entrance.

In the hall, there’s a light-wood dining table with two long benches facing each other. Three distinctive black lights complement the avant-garde and quirky look of the interior. Here, you’ll see a variety of materials and colors. For example, there are café chairs in black, red, and yellow. Moreover, the decorative elements are predominantly brown and orange.

The result is a condo interior design with glamorous undertones of Paris’ streets. They fill the home with warm colors and different shapes. While the walls remain mostly clean, there’s still a play on colors. Apart from the bright-colored imagery in the hall, there’s a large, black TV set. It pairs perfectly with the chrome black ceiling fan. Arguably, one of the highlights of this interior is the carpet grass on the balcony. Just push the sliding door aside to get a breath of fresh air. After all, who doesn’t want to indulge in this Parisian atmosphere to recharge their mind?

My Comfort Zone

Finally, the idea of minimalistic or Scandinavian style has become painfully pesky. However, you wouldn’t mind the sense of coziness that neutral colors evoke. Perhaps, this condo interior design is a more flexible representation of the typical monochromatic neutral scheme.
If there’s one way to explain the warmth of this interior, it’s a lit fireplace on Christmas Eve. Here, you’ll see colors from beige to ivory, grey, and black. Also, there are different shades of white.

However, a more important aspect here is the seamless functionality. As soon as you enter, the hall will greet you with a multifunctional compartment for shoes. The cabinetry integrates a small seating spot upholstered with black leather. The clean lines persist throughout the entire home, as there’s plenty of space to hide the clutter. Of course, there are small surfaces illuminated by soft light to enhance the warm feel. All in all, the entire home creates a warming sense of dreaminess to enjoy for quality rest.

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