10 Functional Condo Interior Design Ideas for Small Condos

December 15, 2020

Nowadays, the demand for property in Singapore is excellent. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to own a spacious condo of three or more rooms. That shouldn’t be a problem with a condo interior design done right.

Perhaps, you might be wondering what you can do with a unit of around 50 sqm. The answer is “a lot”. Indeed, there are some standard methods to make a home look more prominent. What’s more, we’ll show you some ideas that you haven’t seen.

At first, you’d be surprised at how airy you can make your condo. Just eliminate the clutter and get a professional to help. In the nick of time, you’ll start living the simple and relaxed life in your tiny functional condo.

Stick to the “Light and Bright” Mantra

Typically, you’d want to start from what you already have. However, dull and dark hues are less likely to work in small spaces. Therefore, you should consider optimizing your one-bedder condominium from this perspective.

In such cases, you’d want to pick white or neutral colors for your walls. Also, consider adding glass panels to replace the solid wall as a divider. That way, you’ll maximize the amount of light inlet throughout your interior.

Create a Clean-cut Home

When you have limited space, your best move is to create the illusion of a bigger home. Perhaps, it’s not hard if you follow the rule of the clean-cut home. Implement some discrete space-saving solutions such as cabinetry with discreet finger pulls. What’s more, you can conceal your appliances to enhance the sense of cleanliness.

Implement a Pop-up Dining Room

If your condo interior design doesn’t allow for a dining room, implement a pop-up one instead. Besides, it’s a smart solution for residents who rarely eat at home. Therefore, a retractable dining table will be a useful amenity that would quickly disappear when not in use.

Keep it Simple

While it may sound too general, this approach is essential for any condo interior design. Creating a warm and cozy feel that we all love requires a delicate arrangement of stylish furniture, art, and accessories. You can implement some quirky details like a raw brick wall, or a bold-colored divider to enliven the tight space.


In The Mood To Dream @ Hillview Rise

Add Dark-colored Accents

Of course, most people would bet on a light color scheme for tight spaces. However, that’s not a strict rule that we should all follow. If you’ve got a plan meticulously enough to work out a way with dark-colored accents, do it. In turn, they’ll contribute to a delightful contemporary aesthetics.

Take Inspiration from Japanese Aesthetics

Perhaps, you’ve seen the now-trendy combination of pale wood cabinetry and light brown flooring. It pairs perfectly with some light-colored onyx marble and Japanese aesthetics. Arguably, that’s an easy way to accomplishing a serene atmosphere in your condo interior design. Also, you can use retractable screens or even Shoji doors to create temporary privacy in your open-plan area.

Include Hide-and-seek Elements

Similar to the discreet storage cabinets, you can include hide-and-seek elements throughout your home. That way, you’ll declutter your space and improve its functionality. Who doesn’t like sleek flip-open mechanisms that can unveil secret compartments effortlessly?

Flush Storage Compartments to the Side

If there’s one straightforward trick to evoke an airy feel, it’s to flush the storage compartments to the side. Your condo interior design would undoubtedly benefit from sticking to this approach, as it would look more organized. Ultimately, you’ll have a vast amount of space to work on complementing your comprehensive look.

Use Sliding Doors

Last but not least, you should optimize as much floor space as possible. In this regard, you’d want to consider installing a few sliding doors. Swapping out your traditional swing-type doors is an ingenious way to use the otherwise unusable space behind your traditional door.

Moreover, a glass sliding door will work correctly with the idea of increasing the light inlet. As a result, you’ll create a bright and functional atmosphere. Most of all, you’ll love the sleek look of some of these elegant sliding panels.

Reader’s Favorite Functional Condo Interior Design

Located at River Isle, this 91-sqm condo evokes the “less is more” mantra right from the entrance. Wes have created a dreamy-bright ambiance that subtly reminds a profound sophistication. Of course, the contemporary industrial style of this condo interior design has some unique features to inspire you.

First, you’ll notice the easygoing monochromatic selection of neutral colors. Apparently, you can find variations of white and gray to dominate the interior. As for the materials, the cabinetry and surfaces employ various layers of brown wood finish. Along with the light gradient marble flooring, the design exudes a feeling of cozy airiness.

Arguably, the most immediate feature of this condominium interior design is the clean-cut scheme. There are barely any shelves to see. Instead, the ample storage hides discreetly in the myriad of cabinets. The only thing left unprotected is the elegant island bar in the living room. It packs considerable storage space and doubles up as extra table space.

Apart from the sense of simplicity, there are a few statement pieces to like. For example, you’ll love the modern wood ceiling fan. What’s more, the designers have made sure the island bar stands out from the rest of the interior. In turn, they’ve created a set of accent walls, and one of them is behind the bar. Furthermore, there’s a visible emphasis on the vertical space. Thanks to the dim white glowing light features, the interior induces the illusion of greater size.

Perhaps, there are many other functional alterations. For instance, the kitchen employs a sleek glass sliding door for optimal kitchen space. All in all, there’s a harmonious ensemble of matching colors throughout the condo interior design. If you’ve been looking for sleek functionality, it comes in a warm minimalist atmosphere and a lovely island bar.


Sophisticated Simplicity @ River Isles

Embrace Functionality with a Condo Interior Design

All in all, there’s a lot to see in a small condo unit space. While many owners give up on the idea of creating expressive designs, tiny spaces can really boost your creativity.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of tricks to optimize your condo interior design. Still, don’t forget to add a pinch of originality in your work. In such cases, it’s best to rely on professionals. Arguably, we are one of the best interior design studios in Singapore when it comes to condo interior design. We provide various interior design services to transform your small condo interior design into a spacious and functional home.

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